Mojoo APK Latest version free Download Officially [53.58 MB]

The Mojoo app can be described as an amazing collector of composition. Along with this app you could make stories that look more professional to add stories in social media. Especially Instagram. You don’t need to spend more time on this task. Also, like that you need not spend more energy. You don’t need to use any complicated programs. There are more templates to make such stories. You are making it so easy to make your story because you could select a story that is suitable for your situation. If you can’t find them directly you could find them by searching. There may be available if many sources like backgrounds, images, and texts. From the pro version of this app you could find more and more templates. 

   So this is a really useful app with its purpose. Out of this app surely you could make stories as your wish. You could get access to more features from the bottom of this app. Those tools can be used. You could get more and more professional-style photos for your stories. So don’t be late, convert all your photos into stories at a professional level.

More about the app

  • Size of the app – This is 53.58 MB sized app 
  • The developer of the app – Xinh flower studio offered the above application 
  • Downloads of the app – There are about 1,000,000+ downloads occurred so far 
  •   I think these all will be really useful for you. 

Mojoo APK Download

Download Now

   The link for download has been provided in the following. Tap the download button and after tap install, after few seconds, you can enjoy the app.    

Then we will move to the next essential part of our article. That is about the features of the app. Would you like to see them with me? 

Features of Mojoo app 

  • 100+ templates here. You can make stories for Instagram, Facebook, and others. 
  • Editing of videos 
  • Animated video editing 
  • Availability of the motion use videos 
  • Addition of music into your stories 
  • Formatting of the layout of the story 
  • Filtering of photos and videos 
  • Presence of 10+ categories of themes 
  • Unique templates 
  • Saving and sharing options for the stories 
  • You could change the background easily 
  • Allow changing the background color of your story 
  • You could insert your photo as the background 

These are the features that we could normally expect from this type of app. Apart from those above there are some developed features of the app. What are those? 

  • All templates are of high quality and can edit with an improved quality 
  • No more adds 
  • You can expect updated themes and templates for every week
  • The support team is always ready to provide you with more support. 
  • It has more updates. Updates can be expected very quickly. 

Those are the features that we could expect from the Mojoo app. I agree that there is no such kind of app to provide more benefits. 

  Apart from that some of the people worrying about legal permission and the legal issues about this app. This app hasn’t any kind of such a problem. Also, it is free of harmful software totally. Therefore you can work with it freely.


  • What is the size of this app?  

   This is about a 53.58 Mb sized app.  

  • Are there any ads here? 

   There are only ads placed by the developer. 

  • Could I get it on the Google Play Store? 

   Even you could download from there. 

  • Is that safe? 

   Yes, it is totally safe. 

  • Is this app for free? 

               No need to purchase.

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