Alight Motion APK – Free Download Video Editor App (2023)

Alight Motion is a powerful video editor with dozens of special tools and options designed to work with your smartphone.

Even though it can help you with editing professional-level high-quality videos, that doesn’t mean that you have to be a professional in the field.

alight motion video editor

Even a newbie can edit videos easily without any complications using this application.

The reason is that this application’s user interface is designed very simply.

Therefore, it’s really easy to understand how the different tools work, and also, you don’t have to look here and there to find the tools you need. They are well organized in the Alight Motion Video Editor application.

Alight Motion Features

This application has a seamless set of features that gives you the freedom to be more creative when editing videos.

  • Supportability to multiple layers of graphics when editing a video.
  • Vector graphic creation with the support of bitmap.
  • Dozens of FX effects to play with.
  • Variety of color filters.
  • Color correction and color adjustment feature.
  • Chroma key / green screen effect for Hollywood-style movies.
  • Background change feature.
  • Remove, mute audio from the video.
  • Add any type of sound effects to your video.
  • Mp4 and GIF animation supportability.
  • Motion blur feature.
  • Solid color and gradient fill effect.
  • Supportability for editing Mp4, MKV, HD, 3gp, and AVI.

The graphics that you are provided with Alight Motion are high quality, and the output it produces is high resolution.

If you come across any bugs when using the app, you can report them to the developers directly.

They give you frequent updates in order to fix these bugs, so you don’t have to worry.

There are no technical skills required to use this app because all the options and tools in the application are centralized, and it’s easy to understand how to use each of these tools once you have gotten used to it.

Even though Alight Motion is a newly released app, it has all the pro features that you need, and the app is constantly developing, so there are more features and upgrades you can expect from Alight Motion in the future.

Where can you download this application?

You can download Alight Motion on the platforms, including Google Play Store and App App Store.

It is also available as a chrome extension as well.

If you want to download this app on your PC or MAC, you have to install an android emulator first.