Lumii Photo Editor App- Style Your Photos With Lumii Effects

Lumii App is a photo editor app that allows you to fix common camera problems, add filters and effects, and make your photos look great in seconds.

It provides a variety of effects including Lomo, HDR and more and it also includes a burst mode that groups photos together.

Lumii App main image

Lumii is an amazing photo editor for Android and it’s a simple photo editor that let’s you make your photos stand out without any complicated controls.

What Is Lumii App?

Lumii App is a mobile app that allows users to edit photos on their Android phone.

The app has its own unique style of editing that makes it stand out from other editing apps in the market.

Its super easy to use, yet powerful enough to make professional looking pictures.

Furthermore, this provides a wide range of photo-editing tools, such as photo redaction, photo filters and enhancement tools, cropping and straightening tools, drawing tool.

It also has “lumii effects” which are interactive filters that let you do cool stuff with your photos.

This is an easy-to-use photo editor that offers a variety of editing tools to make your photos stand out.

Founded by two design students, this is the result of hours of research, hard work and dedication to creating something different. It’s free and available now in the Google Play store!

It has filters, frames, and stickers for you to use for stunning pictures and you can also share your creations with the apps community or on social media.

Most importantly, Lumii App is a free app for iPhone and iPad.

The app has been available on the Google Play Store since 2016 and the team has released an update to the app that introduces the app 2.0 with a completely redesigned interface that offers more ways to edit your photos than ever before.