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Morpheus TV APK is a freeware to stream movies and TV shows for free. It integrates with Trakt to track what you are watching automatically. Trakt is a plugin which runs in the background of the device when you are streaming videos with Morpheus tv. The main use of the app is letting you streaming and downloading of different kind of movies, TV shows, etc.

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Morpheus TV Apk is not available on Official Google Playstore and any other Official stores. Download Morpheus TV Apk file directly on to your device with below download links.

Morpheus TV Download

Morpheus TV APP Information

App NameMorpheus TV
App versionv1.66
Latest released 08/ 16/ 2019
App size32MB
Android requires4.0 or up
Download LinkMorpheus TV Apk

Morpheus App is not available in Google Play store because it does not host any pirated copies, it works with 3rd party links like torrent links. So download Morpheus TV Apk from our safe download links.

Why Morpheus TV App?

A nice video clip or a movie is the only relief to our busy lifestyle. For that, you should always have relevant components with you. The apps that you use should be easy to access, easy to use and most of all rich in features.

The Morpheus APK is developed with an initiative understanding of the needs of most smartphone users. Most smartphone users confused about selecting a decent app to get the streaming service. At most of the times, you end up with wrong decisions by fooling with the marketing claims done by each app.

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But you will never have frustration anymore after downloading Morpheus to your device. This will be the last time that you are roaming here and there on the net searching for a proper app for online streaming and video downloading.

Why Morpheus TV APK better that others?

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Some apps like Showbox makes your device so crawl and sometimes it crashes the device as it occupies a large number of networks. Some apps consume more data and some apps are with a lot of technical drawbacks. Slow downloads, snags in functionality are some of the main issues of similar video streaming apps. But Morpheus  is not with any of these issues. It is well developed to give the best video streaming experience.

Why Morpheus TV is Awesome?

Without any exaggeration, I could say that Morpheus tv is the best entertaining app to stream and to download movies, TV shows, TV serials, etc with the use of Android mobile, Android TV, and fire devices.

Further, when it comes to media contents, Syncler APK also provides some competitive media contents to Morpheus tv. It is with a large collection of media which updates constantly.

morpheus tv apk official download

Morpheus TV App may be the app that you are looking for so long which is with the ability to get unlimited video streaming at a faster speed than any other similar app. You may have seen and experienced a large number of video streaming apps. But all of them are with certain cons.

By fixing errors of most video streaming apps, Morpheus tv is introduced as a brand new app to watch movies, TV shows, etc online. This seems to be like a Terrarium TV killer app as Morpheus tv has become a big challenge to the Terrarium tv and Media Lounge APK.

Features of Morpheus TV

  • There are different sections of the app to carry out different tasks. All the stuff that deals with movies belongs to movies section while TV shows related ones are on TV shows section.
  • There are categories like trending, popular, My Watchlist, My collection on the app.
  • There are buffering options on the app like Buffer for Playback, Max Buffer size, and Min Buffer size. This is one of the unique features of Morpheus tv.
  • The videos on this app have the support of subtitles. There is a separate subtitle option to handle the subtitle related matters on the app. The app has advanced the subtitles option to make it friendlier to use. Here you have options to select the primary and secondary languages. You can do alterations to the color, font size and other such components of the app by selecting the options from given multiple choices.
  • Another most impressive feature of Morpheus tv is that it shows the most recommended best matching subtitles of each video. But these subtitles play only on the Morpheus tv app.
  • Morpheus tv has the multilingual subtitle support.
  • The whole media content on the app is created by the support of more than 20 different video providers.
  • You have the total freedom of downloading any content on the app for free. You can watch these downloaded videos later when you are in offline.
  • More than one file can be downloaded simultaneously.
  • The downloading speed has accelerated by the app. But the time may vary depending on the internet connection you have.
  • The ratings of each and every movie are denoted on the app. This feature is very helpful when selecting a movie to watch.
  • The app responses quickly.
  • Download movies and other videos by filtering the best options.
  • Supports HD quality video downloading similar to Peacock TV Streaming App.
  • You can choose the resolution depending on the memory your device has. HD quality is best recommended.
  • Compatible with Fire TV and Firestick.
  • The content of the app updates constantly.
  • You will never miss any popular TV series or a TV show in the world with this app.
  • Morpheus tv is easy to use and it is user-friendly as well.
  • You can watch and download any TV show as soon as they are aired on the Tv channel.
  • Completely free from ads.
  • Integrated with a player.
  • Supports the Chromecast integration.
  • Well designed for television and D-pad navigation.

How to Install Morpheus TV to Android smartphone

01. Download Morpheus TV Apk from below download links.

morpheus tv apk download

02. Go to device settings and click on “Security” option.
03. Here you have to tick on the “Unknown sources” option. (If you miss this option, you will get an error message and you will not be allowed to carry out the installation process further.) 

morpheus tv unknown sources

04. Now go the “Downloads” folder of the device.
05. Search for downloaded Morpheus tv apk and click on it and open.
06. Then at the pop-up window, you will see a message as “Do you want to install this application? It does not require any special access”. At the bottom of the same page, you will see the “install” option. Click on it.

morpheus tv installation

07. In a couple of seconds, the installation will complete and a shortcut (which is the app icon) to access this app will be added to the Home Screen of the device.

morpheus tv installation complete

Filelinked method to download Morpheus TV

First of all, I would like to clarify what Filelinked briefly. So that you can get a rough idea of it. Simply Filelinked is an app for Amazon Fire Stick and also for Android devices. It lets you create your own app store as you wish. It is like a little “app store” making app.

You can use this app for Amazon Firestick and fire TV devices. Filelinked lets you download a multiple number of files at a single place. Here the way of downloading Morpheus tv via Filelinked .

  1. Download Filelinked apk from the official site.
  2. Create a code for the Filelinked app by following the below-given steps.
  3. Open the downloaded app and click on the round button in the top right corner.
  4. Then click on the “Create Code” option or use [ 40970502 ] code
  5. Tap on the “Create your own code” option which is at the bottom of next pop-up window.
  6. Complete the registration process by giving your information and sign up.
  7. When you open the app again, give your Filelinked code and click on the”Continue” option.
  8. Now you will see a list of latest apk files.
  9. Find and tap on Morpheus tv download button.
  10. The tap on the “Play” (▶) button at the same window.
  11. Finally, click on the “install” option.

How does Morpheus tv work?

Morpheus TV App searches the web and always bring the content from best sources on the web such as Series Online, CartoonHD, Flixanity, Tvium APK, Popcorn Time, etc. So always you can have a high-quality video streaming experience.

You have to tweak the settings to use the app as you wish. By default, torrent is disabled on the app. If you want you can activate it by going through the settings. This app is user-friendly. You just have to follow the onscreen instruction to make use of the app.

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How to Update Morpheus TV App?

It is better to have an updated version of this app. Because updated version is with many new features and bug fixes. There are 2 methods to Update Morpheus TV app. First method is downloading latest Morpheus TV Apk file from our download page and installing the APK file. Second method is updating through the App. Follow below steps to Update from the installed app.

  1. First open the Morpheus TV app, if there is any new update you will see it in the top like UPDATE 1.XX. Click on it to begin the process.morpheus tv update
  2. Now a new window will popup with the details of the new update. Read it and click on UPDATE button below.morpheus tv update officially
  3. After clicking the Update button you will see downloading process. Wait for it to complete.morpheus tv updating
  4. When the downloading completed. Just follow the normal steps of installing a Apk file to the device.

Morpheus TV Video Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to use the app?

A: Yes. It is 100% safe app. You can use it without any issue.

Q: What is Morpheus tv?

A: It is an entertainment app which lets movie lovers to stream and to download HD quality videos especially movies and TV shows.

Q: What are the limitations to use Morpheus tv?

A: You have the total freedom of using this app wherever you go at any time. No cost at all. It is not with any limitations. You can stream and download any kind of movie or a TV show any number of time.

Q: What are the Morpheus tv supportive platforms?

A: This app is originally designed for the Android operating system. So basically you can run this app on Android and Android-based devices.

Q: Is Morpheus tv legal to use?

A: Morpheus does not contain any pirated content. It obtains the data from 100% and trusted sites in the world. So you can use this app without any fear. However, the legality differs from the geographical location where you are in. So you have to compare the functionality of this app with the legal status of your country.

Q: Can I get the support of Chromecast to cast the videos on the app?

A: Yes. you can watch the videos on a larger screen with the support of Chromecast integration.

Q: Is it possible to watch videos on Morpheus app while we are offline?

A: To stream the videos of the app, you have to have an internet connection. But the answer to the question is YES. It is because the downloaded videos from Morpheus tv can be watched at any time anywhere without internet. Yes, you can watch videos while you are offline.

Q: What are the best alternatives to Morpheus tv?

A: Terrarium TV, Megabox HD, Playbox HD, Crackle, Movie HD, Hulu, Popcorn time. But none of them cannot equalize to Morpheus. As it is with many unique and impressive features.


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