ZArchiver Apk Download For Android Devices For Free

Zarchiver Apk means an app for archive management on your devices. I think some of you are familiar with the app while some of you are unfamiliar with the app. For android phones and tablets, the zarchiver is used for the advanced archive management function.  Now you can perform multiple tasks by using this zarchiver Apk.  Then the following details will help you to identify the functions of the zarchiver Apk usefully.


 Main functions of the zarchiver Apk

Basically the Zarchiver Apk lets you perform tasks like compress, decompress and organize the files in your device. Sometimes the Zarchiver Apk works as a file manager.  If you haven’t joined with the app so far, now it is your turn to join with the app.

Do you want to create password-protected archives on your device? Certainly, your answer would be yes. So now you could create the password-protected archive files by your phone.  It is supported for the file types such as 7z, gzip, tar and some other file types. The advanced app called the zarchiver Apk mainly allows you to manage the archives just like when you are using your phone as a computer. And the app supports splitting and creating multi-part archives.

When compared with the other applications the unique feature in this is the encryption and the password tools. However, with these specific security measures, the app will keep you secured when you are working with the app. The Zarchiver is considered to be a file management app. The latest version of it is 0.9.2. The size of the zarchiver Apk is 4 MB. It is working under multiple platforms such as android, iOs and windows.  It is offered by the Zdevs.

Like the other device types, the zarchiver Apk won’t contain any limit. Here it is providing space for the creation of unlimited archive files.  And there are some specific features of the zarchiver Apk that require root access to access those features.


Q: Is this app safe for my device?

A: If you want a safe place for the files this is the perfect place for it. Password protection can be enabled at any time. No harmful content is included here.

Q: Here the app is requesting permission for accessing all files located in the device. Is that safe?

A: Yes, it is safe. Here the app doesn’t want an internet network in order to connect and transfer the app details.  Therefore you don’t want to be afraid about transferring the files.

Q: Is this free?

A: Yes, the app will offer its tasks totally free. Just you need to install the app for your device. Then feel free and continue your task.

How to download zarchiver Apk for your device?

  • Here is how you could download the zarchiver for any of your devices.
  • Then click on the download link given here.
  • Wait for some time until the download process gets completed.
  • Then it will finish the task within a few seconds.
  • Then launch the app by the downloaded folder.
  • Feel free and work with the app now.

The here facts are regarding the zarchiver. Then you know the most required facts regarding this app. Now take your chance and experience by yourselves.

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