CLEANit App – Best App for Cleaning Unwanted Files on Android

The CleanIt App allows Android devices to run without a memory footprint. This app is available on its official website and the Google Play store and has been downloaded by over 1 million people.


The app is having the same capabilities as any other high-power apps on a much smaller footprint, providing users with the best of both worlds by enabling them to run the app on lower-powered devices.

CleanIt is a brilliant Android app that helps you get rid of “bloatware” and speed up your phone.

CleanIt Free Android Optimization App

Even if you have a slow phone, CleanIt can help make it faster.

This App is also a battery-saving app that you can use to monitor your device’s battery percentage.

The app can also help you save power by turning off the device when it reaches its set limit and preventing surges in power consumption.

You can keep your phone protected with the App’s unique lock feature, which will lock the screen if someone tries to swipe or access your phone without

CleanIt is a battery management app that can extend the life of your device by 30% and help you save time on repetitive tasks.

It even has a Precision lock power source that lets you have the best control over your device settings with a single tap on the screen.

CleanIt App Batch is a super-powerful app to manage and uninstall software, packages, and apps.

It’s ideal for managing your smartphone & SD card space. Autosave installation paths for your phone & SD card so you won’t have to worry about deleting or reinstalling the same app again.

It removes apps and saves space on your phone-AppBatch does more than just uninstall apps, it also deletes their installation files from your phone and SD card.

This prevents you from having to download the same app again in the future.

You can also remove software & apps from the list of installed on your phone.

CleanIt is the most powerful and easy-to-use app to manage your apps, and uninstall software and packages.

It helps you auto allocate installation path for phone & SD card.

The App is designed to store and organize large files. Rather than sorting through piles of folders and files, the CleanIt App acts as a central location for all of your media content.

The App organizes your media into four different categories: Music, Videos, Photo albums, and Other Files.

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