Best PC Booster App

It is so hard to maintain the performance of a PC without using an optimizing app. Because Windows itself introduces lots of features on every update causing your PC to slow. Most of those features are useless for ordinary PC users. Many of you may have experienced low storage space on the system drive even without installing apps and games. That is due to Windows updates, junk files, temporary files, etc. It will be a nightmare to find a solution for all those problems with a free app.

Best PC Booster App

There are many PC booster applications or game boosters. Most of them are free but completely free. Some game booster applications look legit but cannot be trusted. Today I am going to introduce one of the best and completely free PC booster applications that is open-sourced. Get rid of paid versions and get used to open-sourced applications. Because open-sourced applications are getting better and better every day.

Features of Optimizer App

Optimizer for PC

Disable Windows updates

One of the hardest things to do on modern Windows is disabling updates. Disabling Windows updates has many advantages. For example, if you are doing very important work that requires a good internet connection. What if Windows updates download in the background utilizing a good portion of your internet bandwidth. You may have slow internet speed, low RAM space, and slow performance. When you open your PC for an important task, suddenly PC shows Windows is updating. You have to wait till updates are completed. Disable automatic updates and do Windows updates whenever you are free.

Clean System Drive

System drive is the place where all your Windows files and applications are stored. As a result, it is the first drive to run out of storage space. Cleaning is not possible without knowing about the Windows files system. You can use the system drive clean feature of this application to remove junk files, temporary files, residual files from uninstalled apps, residual files from updates, etc. Low storage space is also a cause for slow PCs.

Disable Windows Telemetry

Windows Telemetry service is used to send usage information to Microsoft to provide a better user experience. But that service requires your internet connection and resources. Disable this feature using the Optimizer app to free internet bandwidth and resource usage.

Disable Browser Telemetry

Not only Windows, web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc. also send usage information for their services. Save internet data and processing power by disabling browser telemetry.

Disable Startup apps

Are you worried about the time taken to start your PC? Longer time mostly due to startup apps. Select the startup section of the Optimizer app to see the full list of startup apps. You can manage your startup apps using this app. Disable all unused startup apps to have a faster Windows loading time.

Download Optimizer app for PC

This is a free Windows optimizing application available on GitHub. If you do not know how to download the latest version using GitHub, visit or click here to download Optimizer for free.

Run this application with administrative privileges to avoid any permission issues. You have to restart every time to effect changes you made using this application.