Remini APK – AI Photo Enhancer For Android Free Download

Remini is a specialized APK for those who like mobile photography. Even if you do not have any photo editing capabilities, you can use the photo editing and enhancing features here to increase the quality of your Normal photos in a short time. This Developed by using Generative AI Technology. Many of these features are not available in other applications.


How to Download the Remini APK?

Install Remini APK on Android:

There are security issues when installing APK files that are available outside of the Google play store. Then your android device will not install the APK properly. Then, you need to change your phone’s security settings so that you can download the APK from an external source. You can do it as follows.

  • Settings > Biometrics & Security > Install Unknown Apps > Select a browser > Allow.
  • Visit the official website of Remini by using the web browser that you are allowed to download unknown apps. Download the last released version of Remini.
  • Now you have no problem installing the APK.

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Install Remini On PC:

You can only open the Remini APK on a computer with an Android emulator. This is because it is an android app. You can do it as follows.

  • Open your web browser and visit the Bluestacks official website to download the Bluestacks software. Download the last released version of it.
  • After installing correctly, open the software and use your Gmail when registering for it.
  • Download the last released version of Remini. Locate the downloaded file and install it.

How to Use Remini APK?

  • To increase the quality of your low-quality photo, go to “Enhance,” select the relevant picture and click the “checkmark” to start the process.
  • Open the “Paint” tab on Remini to turn a photo into a Paint. Select the picture as before and click on the check box. The translation process ends as soon as the ad is active during the process.
  • To colorize a black and white image, go to the Colorize tab, select the image, press the checkbox, and wait 30 seconds for the ad to finish.
  • Restoring a Damaged Photo: There has a tool named DeScratch. It helps you to restore your scratched and damaged pictures as before.
  • Make a GIF: The “Blink” tool under “More” can turn your image into a GIF. To do this, go to Blink and select the image you want to make a GIF. You can only generate GIFs for one face here. So it is better to choose a photo with only one person. As in the previous process, wait 30 seconds for the video ad to finish. Then you can see the generated GIF.


Is Remini a Chinese app?

  • Yes, it is, Developed by an app development company named Fengkun.

In which year was the Remini APK released?

  • The Fengkun has released the Remini APK , on December 09, 2019.

Is the Remini APK free to use?

  • You can use it for free as well as subscribe. Only five photos can be enhanced per day when used for free.

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