Equalizer APO Free Audio Mixing Software Download 2023

Equalizer APO is a new open-source, cross-platform audio software that utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to give zero delay to your audio latency.

With it, you can shape your voice and make it sound like you’re doing something in real life even when you’re just talking on the phone or whispering.

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Equalizer APO is able to process your audio at a rate of 32,000 samples per second.

Unique Features Of Equalizer APO

Virtual surround sound emulation for 6.1 or 7.1 channels where you can rotate the sound stage freely in 360 degrees within Equalizer APO software interface with an updated 3D surround sound UI that works with Xbox One X and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

When you are recording a voice-over, live streaming or podcast, audio latency can ruin the whole experience.

Audio latency is the time it takes for an audio signal to get processed and transferred from one point to another.

The Equalizer APO software not only has zero delay but also adds noise reduction which makes it worthwhile investment for all users.

The Noise Cancelling Effect of the Software Noise caused by outside sources like the microphone or other software is eliminated with the help of the noise reduction feature in this software.

It eliminates background noise and gives a clear, full-bodied sound to your voice.

The result is that you can enjoy a much more comfortable experience for recording and broadcasting content online.

This software allows you to create your own audio delay that syncs with the video, so you can deliver a seamless experience.

It also has the ability to mix and match different sounds to create a custom soundscape that anyone would love.

The Equalizer APO free software has been designed for those who want to speed up their audio latency.

It allows users to alter the settings of their audio processing and eliminate the delay that is a consequence of the average computer’s processing speed.