Viva tv APK – All in One Free Media Streaming App (2023)

Viva tv APK is one of the best android apps in the Streaming apps category for over one year.

The application has certain streaming features that allow the users to watch movies, tv-series, musical shows, and many other video contents for free.

viva tv apk


So that, Viva TV is highly competitive among online streaming platforms.

Viva TV APK User Feedbacks (User Reviews)

Many Viva TV APK users have mentioned the fact that Viva tv is so fast compared to many other streaming apps, and therefore, they can watch the video contents without the application getting stuck.

In other words, video buffering is a common problem common thevideo streaming apps, and only a few app developers have been able to address this issue.

We really understand that how annoying it is to watch a movie or a tv series when the video is buffering.

So, you can avoid that issue up to a greater extent by using the Viva TV App.

Further, this application allows you to connect your other 3rd party source providers as well.

Therefore, you can connect your Real Debrid, and Trakt accounts for extended video sources and links.

In addition to that, these source providers will eliminate the video buffering issue in full because they have fast servers to run their services.

Moreover, many Viva TV APK users have also commented regarding the quality of the video files in the app.

They have mentioned that majority of movies, and tv series are available in HD quality.

Further, some of the video files are available in 4K quality as well.

So that, they do not have to go for any other alternative app to watch movies and tv shows.

Another important feature in the Viva TV APK is that it allows the users to download any video content available in the app.

So that, users can download movies and tv shows to their devices and watch them later.

Viva TV APK Installation Instructions

Viva TV is an android application, and it is available to download for free of charge.

However, some 3rd party advertisements are running on the app, and some users do not like them because they think that it disturbs their entertainment experience.

That is one of the disadvantages of the Viva TV APK as well.

However, developers have offered another version of the app where you have to get an ad-free account.

For that, you will have to pay a one-time small payment and watch tv shows and movies in the Viva TV APK without any ads.